Notable Cases

Edwards v Salford Primary Healthcare Trust (CRPS £1,000,000), Lawtel 2012


Beard v Skanska (CPS £345,000) Lawtel 2012



Casey v Ali [2012] EWCA Civ 1502 (Negligence)




Ellen Baker V Caroline Sumner (2010) Lawtel (Fibromyalgia, Total Damages £120,247)


Rahima Siddique V Bvba Rimotrans (2010) Lawtel(Fibromyalgia, Total Damages £350,000)


Chapman v Moulton [2011] Lawtel, (Fibromyalgia, Total Damages £595,000)


Jennifer Kolodziejcak V (1) Escolme (2) The Livesy Group [2007] Lawtel, (Fibromyalgia, Total Damages £137,500)



Jennings v Forestry Commission [2008] EWCA Civ 581 (Accidents; assumption of responsibility; Contract of employment/for services; work equipment)


Bennett v Smith (2003) LTL 11/3/2003 (At first instance and on appeal before Smith J Andrew) (Fibromyalgia and chronic pain syndromes)


Thorpe v Weightman [2000] CLY 416 (QBD) (local authority liability; road traffic obstructions)


White v Eon (Court of Appeal) November 2008 (Limitation)


Large v Norfolk Lawtel 2012 £2.3m 

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Please please help me. I’ve been forced to drop my case, due to a video of me walking with a cane and driving. They’ve claimed that I’m malingering, not true

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Please could you help me please. I had a personal injury case of which I’ve been forced to drop as the defendants has video of me just walking with a stick

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Need advice with an industrial accident claim. Need some advice please

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