Burnings Nights

I am honoured to have been asked to become the patron of Burning Nights. Anyone who has had any experience of CRPS as a sufferer, carer or practitioner cannot fail to be struck by how excruciatingly agonising this condition can be. I fully support the aims of Burning Nights to raise awareness of this horrible condition, to support sufferers and their loved ones and to facilitate greater understanding and research.

The aim of the charity is to raise awareness and understanding of CRPS. The ultimate outcome of such conditions can be affected by early recognition and diagnosis, which allows for timely treatment. The hope is that, in raising awareness amongst the general population and primary medical practitioners, more can be done to allow for an early diagnosis.

It is hoped that by working with recognised experts in the field of CRPS further information can be obtained and presented to help sufferers and their loved ones.


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13.10 | 11:40

Please please help me. I’ve been forced to drop my case, due to a video of me walking with a cane and driving. They’ve claimed that I’m malingering, not true

13.10 | 11:37

Please could you help me please. I had a personal injury case of which I’ve been forced to drop as the defendants has video of me just walking with a stick

27.08 | 19:00

Need advice with an industrial accident claim. Need some advice please

09.08 | 05:52


Please watch this video 👉 https://youtu.be/Bm7nMwbeVbQ

It’s regarding your Personal injury claim services.

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