Irwin Mitchell Pain Seminar Bristol

Irwin Mitchell Pain Seminar Bristol  


Fiona Ashworth was invited by Irwin Mitchell to attend and speak at a seminar in Bristol on 28 November 2013 to discuss pain.


There were numerous speakers including pain experts, nurses and psychiatrists.  The event lasted a whole day and was attended by lawyers and medical practitioners.


Fiona Ashworth spoke of the need to be vigilant in spotting chronic pain cases emerging, how to proceed with such cases and the need for appropriate medical expert reports.


Fiona gave tips and guidance on how to identify and to run chronic pain cases.

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13.10 | 11:40

Please please help me. I’ve been forced to drop my case, due to a video of me walking with a cane and driving. They’ve claimed that I’m malingering, not true

13.10 | 11:37

Please could you help me please. I had a personal injury case of which I’ve been forced to drop as the defendants has video of me just walking with a stick

27.08 | 19:00

Need advice with an industrial accident claim. Need some advice please

09.08 | 05:52


Please watch this video 👉

It’s regarding your Personal injury claim services.

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