APIL Meeting Manchester

Fiona Ashworth was invited to address the APIL meeting in Manchester at the Victoria & Albert Hotel.  At a well-attended meeting, she explained the definitions of fibromyalgia and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, chronic pain syndromes, somatoform pain disorder and somatisation.  


She explained the definition of these illnesses and their link to trauma.  She informed the meeting that these conditions can be triggered by trauma and explained the relevant literature.  


She explained how to approach litigating such cases and how to prepare them for trial.

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13.10 | 11:40

Please please help me. I’ve been forced to drop my case, due to a video of me walking with a cane and driving. They’ve claimed that I’m malingering, not true

13.10 | 11:37

Please could you help me please. I had a personal injury case of which I’ve been forced to drop as the defendants has video of me just walking with a stick

27.08 | 19:00

Need advice with an industrial accident claim. Need some advice please

09.08 | 05:52


Please watch this video 👉 https://youtu.be/Bm7nMwbeVbQ

It’s regarding your Personal injury claim services.

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